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IMHO I think there needs to be both reading AND interaction ability. To me reading is an opportunity to interact with the author and his/her thoughts. I alway underline, highlight, add comments, etc to books I read (with the exception of airport novels!).


Stephan F

I understand the desire to make notes I do it all the time. but for a v1 product I would say that it would be better to to miss a feature like that and have a slightly cheaper product.

Handwriting recognition makes it too too tempting to make it a PDA or tablet PC which is not really what it needs to be, right out of the gate.

I can certainly see something like that for a v2 or pro product.

Ross Hill

I can't see paper books dying any time soon for the majority of things. People get sore eyes from reading off a computer screen too long, you can't sit around and enjoy a PDF the same way. But, being able to SEARCH every book in the world would be amazing.

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