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Dan Robbins

Good point about letting Windows do its one task. I recently got a Powerbook and couldn't be happier. It's strange how my old Windows habits are still with me. I tend to leave the Powerbook alone during cd burns, etc, only to realize a few moments later - "oh, wait, i can do other things." Macs may cost a little more up front, but make up for it with ease of use and time saved actually using it. And for a home user, when the factor in the cost of photo and video software, I bet the price is pretty even!

Stephan F

Actually it is even worse, because a lot of the audio/video software just doesn't work very well.
At one of the placed I worked we used an expensive video editing package, not Avid, Razor something for other I think and bit rot would hit it overnight. Load a tape an the next morning you couldn't open the project.

It was so much easier to do it on my Mac with iMovie 1.0 then on that dedicated machine. iMovie could even control the high-end DVCAM player they had, right out of the box no extra drivers or anything. That really floored me since I wasn't expecting it to work with such a high-end player.

Somehow Apple just can't get that across in their commercials. Oh well.

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