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Geore Demmy

Engineer2Entrepreneur -- what a fabulous idea for a blog! Good stuff. I'll be making a comment about your blog soon... yes... I don't know if you've seen the latest from Paul Graham, but this read is defintely worth it to anyone who wants to do the start up thing with a techie perspective. The article: Shameless plug of view from 36K Actually, the shameless plug might be worth skimming to try before you buy -- Paul's essay is about 10000 words. But anyone to whom Engineer2Entrepreneur makes sense should read every one of Paul's delicious prose morsels.


PS: Got to you via technorati. Will definitely be back.
PPS: Strunk and White link rules all reference links. Thanks.

George Demmy

Paul's considering offering a startup school in Boston:
VCs and everything.

PS: The start.html link doesn't work directly -- it gets you close -- because it has the trailing period. The core of the URL is correct.

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