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Rosa Say

Aloha Stephan,
Your "limiting" word in regard to new technology is perceptive: much as I'm a fan of Bloglines as a quick-reader and quick update-notifier, I'll be sure to click in to the blog itself (as I just did with yours!) because the comments, trackbacks etc. can always find me new sites to check-out too.
The links you have here for Designers Toolbox and the Strunk Style cheatsheet were great finds - mahalo nui!
I also know someone who will love your ipod garage and I'll be telling him about it.

Stephan F

Glad you like them.

I like the limiting of choice, because of the Tyranny of Choice. Too much selection is as bad or worse then no selection at all.

There is also Information Overload to consider. A nice, clean interface has its own advantages.

I prefer to race through a bunch of headlines and blurbs rather then the old way of opening a bunch of tabbed windows and reading each page with all the excess.

If there is something of interest I can load it in my browser and look for more meat that the headline has provided an information scent for.

I now believe an important skill to learn as a blogger is creating a good headline.

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